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  8. General Terms of Use
    These conditions of sale apply automatically to any product order made on this site. Below mentioned the Supplier corresponds directly to Aline Dalbiez and no other intermediary.
    1. Terms of order
      Any order placed by the Customer and accepted by the Supplier, is considered as firm and definitive. The Customer declares to fully and unreservedly accept the present general conditions, and renounces his claim. From the moment the Customer has transmitted his order, he/she is considered to have accepted, knowingly and without reserve, the products, prices and quantities offered for sale and ordered.
    2. Order cancellation
      Any cancellation of an order must first be submitted to the Supplier for authorization and must be made by registered letter. All costs incurred by the Supplier up to date of receipt of the cancellation request will be invoiced, minus installments already paid; these can not be reimbursed. Regardless of the confirmed delivery date, the cancellation of an order already entered into the processing process is not possible.
    3. Prices / Rates
      Unless otherwise stated, the selling prices of the products are indicated in Euros, all taxes included. The shipping costs are indicated when ordering and depend on the method of payment and the quantity of products ordered. The prices of the products offered on the purchase orders, and these Terms and Conditions of Sale are subject to change without notice. The applicable tariff is the one in force on the date of the registration of the order at the Supplier. The Supplier only provides quality products, but reserves the right to delete an item or to suspend the delivery if the guarantees provided by the manufacturer are not sufficient. These modifications, suspensions or deletions being made in order to better serve the Clients, they can not give rise to any compensation in any form whatsoever.
    4. Payment terms
      Orders validated by the Customer are payable in full, at the time of order, by one of the means available (usually by Credit Card, Paypal account, check, transfer, or cash for purchases on site), unless otherwise stipulated by the Supplier. Any amount not paid at the time of order will render the order invalid and will suspend its processing, unless otherwise stipulated by the Supplier. Failing payment adjustment within 8 days maximum after the suspension of supplies, the order will be considered canceled. In the event of non-provision of the account or check at the collection, the Supplier will inform the Customer immediately by e-mail, the amount will remain due by the Customer and must be regularized within 8 days maximum. Any amount not paid when due will be increased by 1.5% per month.
    5. Online payment
      No entry of bank details takes place on this site and no payment/banking data can be saved on this site. Payment possibilities are redirected to sites including and / or allowing secure online payment.
      For any purchase made on this site, online payment banking transactions are made and secured via PayPal services, or Stripe. Payment procedures can be done either by PayPal email address or directly by Credit Card.
      PayPal is the service used to secure online payment. Learn more ...
      Stripe is another service used to secure online payment. Learn more ...
    6. Ownership retention clause
      The Supplier expressly reserves the ownership of the goods until the full payment of their price and interest due. In spite of the present retention of ownership, the buyer will bear, upon delivery, the risk of loss or destruction and any damage that may be caused to or caused by the goods. The buyer also becomes liable in the event of total or partial loss, theft or destruction for any reason whatsoever. In case of seizure by third parties on these goods and accessories, the buyer is obliged to inform the Supplier immediately.
    7. Terms of delivery
      Delivery times are 5 to 10 working days, which may be more for international delivery, and are only indicative and without commitment from the Supplier. The delivery times indicated imply that the customer has provided,before ordering, all the elements necessary for the processing of the order. These elements must be exploitable without modification. Otherwise, the Supplier reserves the right to change the delivery date accordingly. Delays in delivery can not justify the cancellation of the order, the refusal of the goods, nor the payment of damages. The goods are delivered to the address indicated during the order, in accordance with the delivery method chosen by the Supplier. The carrier's choice is the Supplier's initiative. In case of damage, loss or delay in the delivery of goods, it is the responsibility of addressee to exercise the right of recourse against the carrier and to take the usual recourse. The sales contract will be challenged in case of total or partial incapacity of the Supplier to proceed with delivery under the exposed conditions, because of the occurrence of a case of force majeure, a shortage of stock, a delay in the delivery of its raw materials or delivery defective from one of its suppliers. In this case, the buyer can not demand delivery of the order on the date provided, nor any compensation of any nature whatsoever to the Supplier.
    8. In case of complaint
      Upon receipt of the products, the customer must immediately check their condition and compliance compared to the initial order. If the delivered products do not comply, the buyer must, under pain of forfeiture, formulate its claims by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt sent to the Supplier within 5 working days of delivery, the carrier's bill for proof, specifying the reasons for the complaint. In case of non-compliance of the delivered products, the customer will have to contact the Supplier in order to know the arrangements to be made for the destruction or possible return of the defective goods. No return will be accepted if it has not been previously authorized by the Supplier. In case of non-compliance delivered products, the Supplier undertakes to undertake everything to correct this non-conformity or, failing this, will only be required to establish a credit. The Customer may not claim any other compensation or indemnity. In case of return, the goods must be shipped in a perfect resale state or, failing that, in the strict condition in which it was received by the Customer, and in its original packaging. Otherwise, all costs of refurbishment of products would be the responsibility of the Customer.
    The present general conditions of sale established between the Supplier and the Customer are governed by French law. In case of dispute, only the Commercial Court of Paris is competent.
  9. Privacy Policy updates
    This disclaimer may be updated at any time by Aline Dalbiez to keep in line with the site, context and other elements affecting these conditions. In this context, Aline Dalbiez invites all visitors of this site to read the privacy policy regularly.