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People generally tell Aline what they « can't », and she helps them see how they actually « can ». You want to try ? :-)

Best-selling author of The Road to Happiness: Women's wisdom on love, life and margaritas, and of Le Pouvoir des Mots: Un secret du succès relationnel, Master of Science in New Technologies and also in Professional Coaching, Aline Dalbiez has developped an extraordinary capacity... She models human behaviors and helps us transform at will, to live TRULY happy, including and especially when it seems impossible.

Aline is also the author of the brand new book REPROGRAM YOURSELF: From Theory to Reality, which is a real tool for your bedside, to be challenged to help you, like a magic book whose formula you have, by asking it what you TRULY want.

Aline founded The Alineon Chronicle and her company ALINEON®, that provides Change Optimisation Services for businesses, and Transformational Coaching for individuals - www.alineon.com.
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Media and Press

They talk about her... what about you?

Aline Dalbiez appears regularly on the media, in the press or on the radio, in particular to be interviewed about her books or the amazing results from her coaching programs.

Ranked best-selling author on several lists of bestsellers in France and the United States, Aline Dalbiez has been rewarded with a Quilly® Award by the National Academy of Best-selling Authors®, in the USA.

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Interview in Hollywood on the red carpet, at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

Barely out of the stage for the Quilly Awards™ ceremony, Aline is interviewed and tells us in a few words the power of this incredible experience, which she reveals the recipe in her chapter Make a true wish and get your true bliss of her book The Road to Happiness: Women's wisdom on love, life and margaritas.
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Success Coach, Aline Dalbiez, Hits Amazon Best-Seller Lists!

Very rapidly after the day of release, The Road to Happiness reached best-seller status on Amazon (including #18 in the “Self Esteem” category and #49 in “Entrepreneurship”, #66 in the....
The inspirational story and recipe shared in Aline Dalbiez’s chapter, “Make a True Wish and Get Your True Bliss,” has helped the....
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Interview Tout Comprendre in 5 minutes, on Radio France Info (in French)

Who has never been confronted with a difficult or uncomfortable relationship situation? Who has not dreamed of being able to communicate effectively with family or colleagues?
This recipe has proven to do miracles in all areas, personal, professional, family, and it is up to you now to enjoy it!

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Interview entr'Expertes, the 1st magazine of executives (in French)

Develop your abilities according to your specific goals: Fundamental tools to combine well-being and results, provided by a specialist who accompanies you in the field. An atypical career and the challenge of finding a place in the business world, guided Aline to share unstoppable techniques.


Find out the books written by Aline Dalbiez (in French, or English)

Le Pouvoir des Mots: Un secret du succès relationnel

Bien s'entendre n'est pas si compliqué!

Après avoir exploré les secrets du relationnel humain depuis son enfance, Aline Dalbiez a fini par découvrir certains fondamentaux que tout le monde devrait connaître pour vivre sereinement ses relations au lieu d'en souffrir ou de les subir. Poussée par ses proches à révéler ses découvertes au public, elle a finalement accepté de partager sa recette pour s'entendre aussi bien qu'on le souhaite, avec n'importe qui. Cette recette a prouvé faire des miracles dans tous les domaines, personnel, professionnel, familial, etc. C'est à vous d'en profiter maintenant!

« Je vous souhaite de découvrir à quel point il suffit d'un peu d'audace, pour entrer dans un monde harmonieux où les relations sont une ressource paisible et agréable. » ~Aline Dalbiez
J'ai beaucoup apprécié les multiples exemples du livre : issus de situations concrètes, ils permettent d'aborder les questions relationnelles de manière pratique. Olivier
Une mine d'or, riche en conseils et situations pour qui souhaite déconstruire certaines certitudes et reconstruire une communication juste et efficace! Bravo! A lire et relire sans modération! Martine

The Road to Happiness

Women's wisdom on love, life and margaritas

Best-Selling Author Aline Dalbiez, recipient of the Quilly™ Award, tells you the recipe.

« Make a true wish and get your true bliss »

In her chapter, best-selling author Aline Dalbiez genuinely shares with you:
  • an impossible choice she had to make between recovering her health and meeting the man of her dreams...
  • what key ingredients allowed her to make a true wish and get her true bliss, and how YOU can do the same,
  • how life actually has its own way to show you the clues to find YOUR way,
  • The Margarita Recipe of Happiness, directely applicable, fun and practical, which makes it easy for you to remember your key ingredients whatever happens along the way.

Very rapidly after the day of release, The Road to Happiness reached best-seller status on Amazon – both in France and U.S. Bringing together excerpts of wisdom from nine women around the world to help you discover your path to happiness, this book also aims at helping entrepreneurs around the world. Royalties are donated to Entrepreneur’s International Foundation, a not-for-profit organization, and to volunteer efforts of translation and publication.

When the impossible becomes possible...


De la Théorie à la Réalité

Comment passer à la pratique et enfin vivre votre vérité intérieure

Peut-être avez-vous déjà entendu dire que « la différence entre la théorie et la pratique, c’est qu’en théorie c’est pareil, alors qu’en pratique ce n’est pas pareil! » Tout ça, c’est terminé. Maintenant on peut se reprogrammer.

REPROGRAMMEZ-VOUS se lit chaque fois que vous en avez besoin. Véritable compagnon de route qui vous guide dans la concrétisation de ces expériences dont vous rêvez vraiment, non pas en théorie, mais en pratique. C'est à dire en ayant les résultats au quotidien, vous sentant vraiment heureux, satisfait ET épanoui, personnellement.

Profitez du voyage, étant prévenu que vous embarquez pour de bon vers la libération de vos pleines capacités. Vous ne verrez plus jamais la réalité de la même façon, et même si en théorie ça vous paraît trop beau pour être vrai, vous verrez qu'en pratique, c'est bien plus réaliste qu'il n'y paraît !

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(Re)discover some of the best Conferences hosted by Aline Dalbiez

In French, or in English (or subtitled).
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The Power of Words of Entrepreneurs

Exclusive interview with Aline Dalbiez - by Antoine Charlet

Why the power of words? How do we know that words have power? What are the pitfalls of using words? How can we use the power of words well? And to go further... how can we work miracles?
Access the complete video replay (French, subtitlesEN)
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Relational Intelligence and Recognition Capital

With a few examples and cognitions, Aline Dalbiez makes us explore the unexpected effects of real human functioning when dealing with the need for recognition, and how to BE the one who resets his wheel into motion instead of suffering.
Access the detailed summary and video replay (French)
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BEING at Work

How to BE at Work?

At an extraordinary time of confrontations of social networks, themes of emotional intelligence or mindfulness, well-being at work and a need for increased performance to cope with accelerating markets... Aline Dalbiez invites you to rediscover where stands the place to be human.
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ONE WORD is enough!

To Truly transform your life

A word to get out of your paradox and rediscover how life can be great, one word to change others, to change your field of perception and transform your life, to find your "thing", to live what you TRULY want.
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Your next Trophy

What will be your most incredible trophy?

Aline Dalbiez's outstanding thirty minutes speech for a worldwide conference, held at the Hyatt Regency of Montreal, where she powerfully invites and inspires you to find out what will be your next most incredible trophy, and what will be your very first step on the journey to achieve it.
Access the detailed summary and video replay (English, subtitlesFR)
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The Happiness Recipe

Learning to Believe in Happiness

Aline provides the magical spice to enjoying the delicious life of happiness. If you doubt that you can be authentically happy, then listen well. Aline guides you into opening up and believing in happiness, she offers you some tools & perspectives to connect the dots, recover your health, happiness and/or reach the "impossible".
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Happiness Recipe 2.0

Breaking through Fears and Resitance to Happiness

Are you ready to make your heart sing? Then, your going to love meeting Aline Dalbiez as she shares her fears of “change”, “not knowing enough”, “my turn will never come”...and even that the word “happiness” actually had no meaning to her.. She shows you how to follow the signs when some doors close so better doors can open.
Accéder au sommaire et replay vidéo (English, subtitlesFR)

Ready to transform your own reality?!

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REPROGRAM YOURSELF: From Theory to Reality

How to move into practice and finally live your inner truth.

A book out of the ordinary and out of time, which accompanies you to truly realize yourself, beyond the usual beliefs or limitations. Ask for what you want - what you TRULY want - and let the magic happen, as the pages guide you to transform your reality.

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Take back control of your life and reprogram yourself for success.

Three months to take back control of your abilities and transform your life.

An extraordinary program that accompanies you on a daily basis for 12 weeks to transform your life into the concrete of your reality. No more theories, no more daydreams, you will get tangible results that make you truly satisfied.

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Opt for a session of Karmic Rebalancing

To free yourself from uncomfortable and seemingly hopeless situations.

Benefit from a very special Karmic Rebalancing session: starting from a situation that is uncomfortable for you, Aline accompanies you in the resolution by rebalancing your energies and those of all the people or entities concerned. It is you who have all the elements, let Aline guide you through the points and needs, in the resolution of your situation. Leave this session calm, liberated, and ready to enjoy the show... because your situation will be transformed.

The one-hour discovery session cost is 72€ including tax.
In English or in French at your convenience.
Completely remotely, by phone or videoconference.
You will need to take notes before the session so that you can remind yourself of what the problem was after it goes away, and see the extent of the result. Dare to ask your questions.

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